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About Get Smoked BBQ

I started getting into BBQ around 2009 when I converted a gas grill into a homemade smoker; the results were the BBQ meats were edible but nowhere near where I wanted the BBQ to be. A year later after my mom, watching my frustration, bought me a Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM), bullet style smoker, for a Christmas present that’s when the BBQ really started coming along. With a paper and pen I started documenting all my BBQ cooks, experimenting with different cuts of meats, rubs, injections, woods, and of course BBQ sauces. Family and friends were more than happy to taste the final products; letting me know their likes and dislikes. 

After about two years of using my WSM the requests I was getting for BBQ  Meats was overwhelming and I found it very difficult to keep up. In 2011, I got together with Seth Sweeney a metal fabricator in Craftsbury, VT. Together we came up with plans for him build me an offset reverse flow smoker that would be able to smoke upwards of 100 lbs of meat at a time. As my BBQ cooks got larger I was being asked if my BBQ smoked meats could be packaged for take home convenience, to be reheated later. In the later part of 2012 I invested in a  commercial vacuum chamber and blast freezer that would handle all my packaging needs. By 2014 to keep us smoking through the cold Craftsbury, VT winters, I  asked my cousin, local contractor Chris Massé, to build us a smokehouse which was completed in March of 2014. 

Get Smoked BBQ would like to thank family and friends for all their help  and our customers for their support.